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"In my 20 years in Human Resources Iíve never met another placement firm with more integrity."

"At first I thought the ever-present friendly and caring attitude was just fluffy window dressing, but after several placements I now realize that itís part of FrontGate® Staffingís philosophy."

"The FrontGate® Staffing process works very well. They do their research in advance and bring us the best candidate for the job, not just a warm body."

"Our company has a very unique culture and I was amazed when FrontGate® Staffing not only took the time to figure this out, but they also brought us well matched candidates who we fell in love with immediately."

"We started out as a high maintenance new client, but FrontGate® Staffing was patient with us and has really helped us understand the placement process."

"FrontGate® Staffing makes the process of finding the right candidate a real joy. I look forward to working with them again."

"We love working with FrontGate® Staffing because they respect and value our time by only bringing us extremely qualified candidates."

"In my 20 years of experience, I have never found a more thorough placement agency."

"When we started using FrontGate® Staffing our retention numbers skyrocketed. The candidates are that good. See ya later"

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"If you care about finding and retaining the best possible candidate for your company, call FrontGate® Staffing."

"Even the most routine placement is handled in the most thorough, personable and professional way."

"They make the process so quick and easy sometimes I wonder how they do it."

"Iíve used FrontGate® Staffing for years and my ever improving retention rates show it."

"FrontGate® Staffing candidates are so well screened and pre-qualified that more often than not weíve hired the first or second candidate through the door."

"Is it wrong to love a placement firm? Thank you FrontGate® Staffing, Iíll be back."

"After the great experience I just had with FrontGate® Staffing, I will never post another position on a job web site."